Welcoming our Wholeness: a fall re-Treat for our grief, gratitude, joy, and all the things! 

We will spend the weekend on the BEAUTIFUL land at
EarthWell Retreat Center and Nature Sanctuary in Manchester, Michigan.


-Friday the 7th arrival later afternoon TBA
-We conclude on Sunday the 9th by 12pm (ish)


-5 lovingly prepared meals, snacks, beverages-sustenance made with love, intention and skill by my dear friend, kitchen witch, and Beautiful Griever, Rebecca Faerber (so much gratitude)
-Lodging (with linens if needed)-shared cabin space in BEAUTIFUL cabins. Camping and floor sleeping in the main lodge are also an option.
-Programming with love and intention by Jess
-Time with this beautiful land, yourself, and one another


Through welcoming myriad experiences in our lives, like grief, suffering, overwhelm, gratitude, joy, anger, numbness, rage, we stop trying to change according to some belief about how we THINK things “should be” and what we should be doing, and instead be more present, welcoming with all that is and self-accepting, this is where magic happens. This is where transformation happens! YESSSS! What do you want to transform in your life? What does it feel like to welcome all of who you are?

Come rest and receive just as you are, as we enter the fall season and begin our descent and preparation for the dark months ahead, the wintering. Come be present to your shadow and light. Come care for your heart.

Invitation only. If you are curious please reach out here to receive more details: