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2 upcoming events lovingly offered to you!

*Solstice Eve Yoga Nidra 12/20/2022 7pm EST Zoom Free or Love offering (scroll a tiny bit for details and to register)













Winter Gathering of Beautiful Grievers Group 5-week VIRTUAL  experience in Welcoming our Grief. (Scroll a bit more for information and to register)
















Solstice Eve Yoga Nidra 12/20/2022

7pm EST Zoom Free or Love offering/by donation

I am excited to share and hope you say YES! Please join me for a Solstice eve Yoga Nidra practice! Not familiar with Yoga Nidra? Well, let me tell you, in my opinion, it is medicine, it is divine. I am a certified yoga nidra teacher with over 100 hours of trauma-informed goodness from Ally Boothroyd  and her team of Kristyn Rose Foster and Tiina Kivinen.  In addition to this training, I have been practicing YN for about 8 to 10 years as a way to calm, rest, support waves of stress and anxiety, insomnia, injury, grief and so much more, in my own life. This is a near and dear to me daily practice. Yes, daily. I love it and am so excited to share with you. 


Feeling the stress and speed of the holiday season ramping up? Finding yourself in waves of grief, depression, distraction, avoidance, fatigue and exhaustion? Looking for a way to relax and rest and find some time to heal and care for yourself in a safe space? If you said yes, I bet this experience is for you. Please join me and others who say yes to themselves. 


Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is an effortless, deeply healing practice that leads us into the layers of self, sleep, and levels of consciousness, while we remain awake and alert, empty yet full. All you have to do is create a yummy cozy yoga nidra nest  for yourself and trust my guidance. That’s it! Have more questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, please. 


We gather on Zoom at 7pm EST for about an hour- Solstice Eve 12/20/2022, to rest in the space of the darkness and returning light of the Sun. 


This is a FREE offering. Love offerings/donations are appreciated but not necessary. If you feel called to make a donation (suggested $5-$50) that is wonderful and appreciated. Thanks.  All proceeds will go toward my scholarship fund for folx experiencing any sort of economic injustice based on race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, age, etc. who would like to participate in my program offerings and sessions with me. This helps me offset these opportunities for others. 


What would it feel like to make some sacred time for yourself? To rest in your true nature and enter in the suspension of the sun’s light? And REST!!??


Please send questions and register via jessicakilbourn73@gmail.com to receive link and instructions for how to prepare for this practice. 


Donations: venmo: @jess-kilbourn, zelle: 734-417-4522, paypal (as friend): jessicakilbourn73@gmail.com


I look forward to being in this state of deep rest, relaxation, and awareness with you!

*Winter Gathering of Beautiful Grievers Group
5-week VIRTUAL immersion experience in Welcoming our Grief. 

 "Jess was an amazing guide for this journey. The embodiment work and meditations were carefully crafted and such a wonderful and fulfilling addition to this work. I also loved the care and time put into the weekly song playlists and listened to them a lot in between meetings. It felt as if I was staying connected the whole time. Jess created a beautiful community for us beautiful grievers and ushered us along our healing journeys. I have deep love for this program." BG alumni, summer 2022

We begin on 1/19/2023! 

5 virtual live gatherings: 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/26 from 4:30p EST to 6:30p (ish) with option to be guided in an up to 30 minute yoga nidra practice AFTER each gathering. 

Group container will be energetically created and opened on 1/17 with a welcome email/goodies and closed on 2/21. Early registration is suggested but registration up to 1/19 at noon EST is welcomed. 

Come welcome your grief. Come be in community with other grievers. Come feel and embody. Metabolize and Live into and with your grief. Through varying practices*, we will be invited to welcome and create space to connect with our grief more deeply so we are more able to get unstuck, to move, to integrate all that grief asks of us in our inner and outer worlds. 

*Varying practices range from movement, nervous system regulation/literacy, breathwork, meditation, connection with the natural world, yoga nidra, visualization, sound meditation, Reiki, Self-massage, writing, singing, music, silence and so much more. This is an emergent experience. The energy and needs of the group will determine what practices will guide our way. Please be open and flexible to the organic nature of this group of experience! 


Come receive support, create space to welcome your grief more deeply, share space with others who want to connect more fully and deeply on their grief journeys and live life more integrated and engaged with your grief. Grief is such an amazing teacher. May you be open to its teachings! 

I can't wait to hold this space with and for you. See you there. 

-5 live virtual gatherings
-weekly email love letters of support and reminders of practices and intentions and to keep the energy of the container strong and connected during the 5-weeks. 
-weekly playlists! 
-2 to 3 distance Reiki sessions to offer support between our live sessions
-resources and teachings
-connection with self, grief, and other grievers
-intentions and practices that will change the way you connect with yourself, grief, and others on the day to day beyond the group experience
-Optional 5 weeks of guided yoga nidra practice
-Opportunities to connect with Jess 1:1 and receive support during and after the program

All grief and all grievers are welcome. Grief is a reaction and emotion experienced because of loss, any loss in our lives. 

How does this sound? Are you ready to do some grief work? Your grief is waiting! Winter is a beautiful time to welcome in and rest with our grief. Welcoming our grief allows us to live more fully into our joy and gratitude! 


Investment: sliding scale
$497 to $697 
More on the sliding scale here: http://www.wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale

I will not turn anyone away for lack of funds. Grief work is necessary for healing and liberation. Limited Scholarships available to those who feel the most impact of economic injustice. Payment plans are available. Reach out to me to set something up! 

Space is very limited. I work with intimate groups so there is time to share from the heart, receive support, and to really go deep with the material offered each week. 



Beautiful Grievers work came forward more fully and loudly after the death of dear friend late fall 2021. It was clear that embodied grief work is necessary to our healing and movement forward in our day to day lives. Grief can be so painful and can keep us stuck in living our authentic beautiful lives. Beautiful Grievers is medicine, it offers warmth and ease to the pain and hardness that grief sometimes shows up as, especially in our heart-space...I hope you feel called to the invitation to do grief work. I am here for it. I am here to support you in this most powerful journey. 

I am a griever, death doula, grief guide, certified BodyMind Method Coach, Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, Women's and Gender Studies Instructor, Bodyworker, Reiki Master Teacher, Ritual and Ceremonialist, Educator, Organizer, Retreat Leader, student, lover of the natural world, the cycles and seasons. I am a wisdom seeker and wisdom speaker. Trust, depth, community, care, integrity and presence are my core values that I work and live from.

May you feel welcomed into this space. 

"I was led to take Jess’ course and the things I have learned in 4 weeks time have transformed me!" BG alum


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